José Martínez featured in a new breast cancer awareness book showcasing the Latino struggle with healthcare in America

¿Por qué a mí?: Siempre hay una esperanza (Spanish Edition), is Betty Rodríguez’s first book. She is a breast cancer survivor and a community leader. Her volunteer work focuses on helping undocumented women in the United States to access mammograms for free. Her story highlights part of her fight against this disease and highlights how uninsured women can save their lives amid a complicated and expensive system.

Rodríguez invited josé Martínez to write the prologue after both have been collaborating over the last years of her volunteer work in the community of Long Island, New York. The Colombian journalist based in New York draws in this prologue an idea of what, according to him, he has been able to learn from Rodríguez’s fight to save lives. He has been capturing those stories in various media throughout the country, both in print and television.

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