How to make your brand stand out?


With more than ten years of experience in the media industry, working as a Bilingual Journalist and a Communications Advisor for various companies, I have the privilege to lead a team of experts that can help you get your story out.


We can help you define your brand through the creation of business stories. Let’s work with designers to refine them and produce content for mediums like websites, blogs, brochures, and newsletters.

Digital Media

Let’s take advantage of the digital world. We can help you with content for audio, video, social media, advertising, news, literature, and more.

Media Consulting

Whether you are a politician, a community leader, or a business person, we can help you obtain positive press coverage. Let’s highlight the positive achievements of your story for interviews with the media.

“I couldn’t have created my foundation if it wasn’t for Jose Martinez’s hard work. He was with me along the process, through hours of conversations, to organize my brand for it to gain exposure in media in New York.”

Betty Rodriguez, Founder, Betty’s Breast Cancer Foundation

Let’s make something interesting together.